Tuesday, December 16, 2008 last i finally manage 2 create my own blog...

Suddenly across my mind the time has past.....long long ago before i met my husband,during couple,engagement,married and having a child..i just can't imagine how the time goes so fast..left behind the sweet,sour,spicy memories of i made out this blog because i read ppl blog before and its fun to share your journey of life with other ppl who doesnt know you well..and its simply as a e-diary for me..Thanks to bonnie to your kindness,support and your friendship to guide me made out a simple blog of mine...Thank you!!^_^(your 'gergous' blog did help me so much..)
before i proceed my first post,i just wanna tell you im expecting my 2nd child is 4months during i writing this post..and guess the Question will you ask is,whether it is a coming baby girl or boy? also don't know how to answer it..but i think all parents out there agree with me when i say this...the truth is,the couples will be so happy when they got 1pair,rite?and so do i...hoping the same thing happen on me^_^ due date should be on this end of October but anything can be happen before the due date,just hoping that it will not as same as my 1st delivering(prematured). 30.6.2008 posted.
ok pal,i think its enough for my 1st post..actually im not in a good condition right many changes hmnnnm..till then, will write another post when im feel free and well...chaw!