Saturday, May 9, 2009

Worst day ...........

today is supposed to be a LEISURE time on weekend for govt. servant like us...but due to our school will be the host for the Gong Festival in we all have to take part as a 'worker' to make sure the competiton goin well during the day..(actually not all of us take part as some of my collegues never want to involved any activities on weekend even it is an order from the HM)
as usual,i went out early in the morning 6.15am(sharp) to the school and there's no one there except the kids who participated the Gong Competiton. and while waiting for others friend to come i incharge the kids to wear their KD costumes and after half an hour(to make short the story), im shocked but the kids are excited as their team will be number 1 to present their KD dances and of course the Gong shock and afraid to watch their presentation because for your information they (kids) just start rehearsal for 1 was't know what will happen)..and then me and the other friend escourt them to the competiton place while the MC is still talking ,me and the other friends grab a chance to take a snap with the kids..suddenly the HM running to us and ask we to stop taking a pic(with a loud sound) and we ...*sigh someone has been compaun by a police officer lol. and we have stop taking the pic and almost all the people around there and heard it keep staring to us and the feeling(shy)..we all still shocked and keep asking to each other ,what is the point to do like that???
Pal,tell me what related taking a snap before the competition start ... the judges are not from our school either.........*blurr ..after compete with other 6 schools around Ranau,finally the results have been announced and miracle happen (yeah..for me its a miracle) because our school still get 3rd place even reheasal only for 1day..(salute to you kids!!well done!) but the incident still fresh in my mind ..why did HM treat us like that???even get 3rd place,but its still a worst and frustrated day for me..because it worth nothing to me and other collegues........because its a tiring day+week for me.......:<