Thursday, June 4, 2009

1 day left..

my cuzzy wedd will be held on 06 june 2009,that is tomorrow..can't wait to see my cuzzy finally become 1 to her husband..they were belong together long time ago...before i met my hubby,so im very excited for my cuzzy.. but the sad part is my uncle(cuzzy dad) cannot attend their wedding coz he(the late of..) is with God now..hope cuzzy will be strong enough even the dad is not here with us now but im sure he always wacthing us from above...:(.. hope tomorrow will be the happiest moment to you and family cuzzy! and for sure,me and other cuzzy can't wait to wear our purple will upload the pics peep!^_^
my 2nd sister,(ica n amber mom's) cant attend cuzzy wedd coz she is in the middle of the painest moment to give birth the 3rd one. Well,nevermind i'll taking the pic every single of the day to give her a look then..anyway, Congatulations to both of u cuzzy!
And i also want to take this opportunity to thank you for Mr&Mrs Angriaty Anthony&Bonney Edwin for your wedding invitation, its such a wonderful wedding card eventhough we the family of Cooney J. can't attend your wedding hope your love will be last forever and God bless.

p/s: not forget to wish my former housemates Fatin and Diana ,who get married on this month also..Congratulations on your wedding day galz!