Tuesday, June 9, 2009

x buddy??

why people change after married? do i change?of course fizically change a lot..but what i mean is inside the person...heart,mind? what i'm trying to blog here is about my buddy...(really hope you can read my blog)
i really hurt when facing my own BFF and treat me like im nobody..i fully trusting her,assumed her just like my own sister..since we grow up together so i think we will never split up as we promised to be BFF..Gosh, why this happened lately?is it my fault?is it i'm too show off to her?i don't even get it now...for me,i still want to be friend with her because this only a small matter for me..but will she ever be the same to me??aiiikkz..Too many question marks on my mind now..leave it to our Almighty God..