Friday, October 9, 2009

Daddy's Love Just for them....

Today me n hubby went to KK early in the i already take a break from work today so i decided to follow hubby..we went to service hubby's car n some of his contractor things..O yeah, since payday for govt staff is yesterday so hubby ask me to pay my car before it was late..
After finished all the things to do in KK, time already 5.35pm and i told hubby to goin back Ranau since the children we r not bring along.. but hubby said he want to buy some Toys for the children before go back so we went to 1Borneo to shop some toys as hubby want to...since hubby is a member of Toys R Us store so we went there to shop their toys....

As a result, we spent much money than i thought so and i don't know if its worth to buy a lot toys for our children..and of coz hubby pay with his money ..ahaha ^_^ after paid, we went to KFC and time already 7.45pm..Gosh..its start raining and windy in KK so we start our journey to goin bck to Ranau..

Here r the pics i took after we reached home..and i just can't wait to see the children respond tomorrow morning after saw a lot toys their Daddy bought for them..^_^ especially our naughty Ethan..

And guys, all of this toys cost RM 546.00..(hubby spent a lot just to buy his children SOME toys..^_^)