Sunday, April 11, 2010

'Missing' mode...

im really in a mood of writing right now...but seems nothing i want to write at this moment..hurmmm...what to shared with d bloggers?...ahaa...there's still two more weeks until Baby Earl full moon on 24th this April...yeah, but i still feel very weak and don't know what to do...yet so many things haven't done, im kinda lazy even spending all the time at home, surfing internet and chat wt my friends through MSN and YM..actually deep inside my heart, i really missed my home....:'((( i missed mama,bapa n ama ..they only left three at home and i should grab this chance to spent more time with them during my maternity leave...but i just couldn't do so, as i still need to look after my two kids even the 3rd one i can bring along go bck home...Hmm...Elly, be strong!! not long after this ,i can go out and meet my parents...God bless u all there..:'((

Okay......change another topic, is....during this maternity leave, i need to recover the whole body, inside n outside...really really a hard time..uhuhuhuh, thats mean "diet" time will be very strict after this..or i will not fit with all my jeans and shirt anymore..ahahah lol. but anyhow, the important thing is i'll make sure inside my body got full recovery before focus with the outside..that is the Must thing to do...elly, aza aza fighthing!!