Friday, April 22, 2011

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aloha bloggers!!!!!!!!!wahhh missed a lot lot of thngs here.....i leave my blog for more than 1year.....huishhhh...missing so much on writing just like my are u all my dear friends...hope all d best in ur life o.k.........
               well, FYI,i'll be start writing n more focus on my blog from this i found that FB is no longer my 'friend' to easy communicate with my friends n relative...i found that FB is the way people to put u in a nonsence gossip at ur workplace and people take advantage from FB to hurt people i want 2 say sorry to all if i didnt add anyone that i feel no rights to read my blog...coz personal life is my own n i'll not mix it with my works okay...sorry to my celiq (after this, ada lg yg merepot d tmpt keja..ndataula apa mo bt lg dgn mulut org nie....)