Saturday, May 23, 2009

How well do you know Elly Ezra Simin?

well, im purposely manage Quiz of myself to all friends...specially for my BFF out there..U rock girls!! Let see who know me better ..kekekek
Kinda bz a lot at these time..but still 'stealing' time to write something in here....i didn't update this blog for a long im missing my SnowyQueen Diary now..busy with the work at school,with my kids etc..happy but tired! thats me..^_^ but most of the time im very piss off the working hours...its really make me M.I.G.R.A.I.N ..Gosh, how i wish can relax in the peacefull spa right now..^_^
Wow,time past so fast..these passed months really get me sick and never realized its coming June of 2009..ahaa........and i never realized my kids getting bigger now..Thank You Lord for everything!!.
I'll upload more latest pic peep!