Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Friends....

Hey I'm back..just want to share the day that i'll never forget in my life...On 19.05.2009 i suppose to send this posted but due to my 'unfinish' work so i've delay my hubby bestie' all the way from Kuching with his fiancee coming home to kk hubby so excited to meet them and willing to go kk even at midnight...because if im not mistaken they havent met since we gettin' married on 2006.The stories of the day goes like this:

Ring ring...(my hp rang)

hubby: Ney(honey),bersiap-siap aa..kita pi KK skejap mo pulang suda ni..

Me : (shocked) Hahh,buat apa??(then i looked at the clock :5.10pm)

hubby: c Toper sama tunang dia ada d kk,dia bawa jumpa..lama suda nda jumpa kan,drg mo blik

Sarawak suda nanti.

Me : aik,(still shocked) malam suda ba ni...sepa mo jaga anak?

hubby:kita bawa Calvenson ,Clayviena nti Yama jgn kasitau Yama kita p KK ..ckp ja pg


Me : jadi ko sda kasitau Yama ka?jam brapa la kta blik rumah klu mo p kk karang..bsok sa

mo p kerja lg..

hubby:kita bawa c Fray-G..dia pandu nti..ko siap2 la..

Me : ..............(still thinking)

hubby:kasi mandi n makan c calvenson skarang aa..nti kta jalan..

Me : nda bulika bsuk2 bru jumpa durang?malam suda ba ni...malas sda sa jalan..penat.

hubby: kta pg ja ba..drg mo blik sarawak suda nti..drg mo jumpa ank2 kita tp c Eson ja kta


Me : mmm ba..yala..

tutt.... conversation in phone end.

So,after that i do what hubby ask to do..but im still thinking why so rushing to meet his besties....hubby reach home and he just told me that Toper and his Fiancee driving almost 400km from Kuching to KK ..only to grab a chance(he only got few days to off in a year) to gather awhile with them(hubby and another Friend).so i think this is a very little time they can hanging out together..After everything is done,we only start moving at 7.35pm to kk and we reached kk at 9.33pm..i just thinking to stay a night here if im not working tomorrow but what can i just a govt. servant which have to do everything that HM will be satisfied. hubby so happy can met his besties since primary sch..they bring us to Gayang Seafood Restaurant to have a dinner..sometime its funny listened to their stories(guy stories) but im still keep quiet unless they have Question to ask me..but most of the time i accompany my son and hubby's bestie daughter to play around..Thank God Eson didnt so noisy that night as usual,maybe he saw a friend to play with so i just let them walk and play as long as he happy..and i sitting besides and citcat with Toper's fiancee, Zirah..(correct me if im mistaken).And i think they finish citcat and eat around 11.33pm ..actually our son is sleepy already so i give hubby a signal to finish up the stories and go back Ranau a.s.a.p. Im sleepy too of coz..^_^ Then , i don't remember how fast hubby driving from kk to ranau...because of too tired and sleep so i and ethan fall a sleep in the car and when we awake we already reached home..funny huh..^_^ and i looked at my watch time is 2.10am ..wahh..i only have another 2hours to rest before wake up to get ready go to work..and here are some pictures i take that night,sharing with you all my hubby pics with his besties..