Monday, May 18, 2009


Huhhh........I think im the unluckiest person in the world..why? because since last year and since i try to learn to do my own all old post losted...goshhh....why did this happen? i think it may be i forgot to save it as a drafts...since my blog under renovation so i todd better to save it as a draft first then after everything is done so its easier to post all the drafts...but then?...........( * long sigh) ALL GONE.
As life as a F.T.W.M will never stop..^_^ but i don't mind because im happy with my life...yeah, u r right! not everytime that HAPPY but at least im satisfied of what i am now...hehehe..Experince Make Us Grow Matured,isn't it? And even im too busy with but i'll never leave or left behind my children..especialy now is the important time to see,to watch, to catch, to record their growing moment... i can't missed any of that..because they are my heart,my soul and my life..without them my life is empty..
Actually during blogging right now, my 'paper work' is waiting me to be settle down. such as marking exercise books,test paper,exem paper,update school file etc..... so many things i didn't done yet...yeah..thats Elly..hahahahahah..
Ahah, before i forgot,today there's trainer from IPG Tawau come to our school to do her PLBS....and she is nobody?She is my childplay long time happy can meet her especially when there's a chance to sharing days with her within this two!hehehe
i think its enough for today post i guess....any latest pic will upload later ok...i need to continue my 'marking' job....since the kids and their daddy im in my free 'zone' to do my own pal, will update any other post anytime ok....thanks to sharing time to read my blog..