Wednesday, June 10, 2009


here i am again...blogging how s**** is these few days....nothing happen actually but its come from myself..i don't know why I'm too tempered these few past days...(ha ha i call up my friend and sharing about what i am into now and she just want to make me smile and released tension and told me that maybe you are having 'mensus' right now and i laugh because yeah..since having the 2ND baby am still 'cuti' from having that thing..aha)
but truly,I'm shocked when i write my sharing in my FB,i wonder some people who don't know anything and write in my share box like they are very PERFECT person in this world.Who cares?!my FB is MINE,i repeat my FB is I'm free to write anything i like OK......and don't judge people by its cover ..right everybody???just because i write my feeling thought the other day and some people leave a comment like I'm a guilty prison that ruined this world!!Huh!!!nonsense!!i wonder we are in what year now...because still have people thinking that way....that's make me more tempered,but Thank God only my kids can change my feeling to have a soft heart...:)..and forgive me God what I've wrote...