Thursday, June 11, 2009

In A Short Holidays With Family

Good AM blogger out i am again..writing anything i think i should write it as my journey of life..yeah its Snowy Queen diary,not a princess diary..ahaks..
When I'm writing this,i and my small family were in Keningau Perkasa Hotel overnight since yesterday...^_^ yeah,its fun when this time hubby clear his time to be with us..even i think its too late to have vacation because the school holiday will be end of this weekend and we going nowhere these past 1week..sad but i understand hubby as a businessman all the time..his working hours is not fix ..even 1day to have time with us is so hard to now I'm so glassful because after i told hubby yesterday that we not yet bring our kids to go holidays since its a school after that hubby decide to go Keningau then to KK bring me and the kids..even only 2days but i feel happy and grateful can have a short holidays with my small family... here is some pictures i take yesterday and this morning....

supper yesterday night

during supper