Monday, June 15, 2009

the result make me down...:(

There is something that make my day doesn't cheers up today...suddenly i feel that world put aside me....why?i also dunno why.....i try and try to not think about it but its too sad to let go ..only my kids that cheers up my day...mummy loves both you..mmmuaaahh!!!
And suddenly i don't have any strenght to get up and working as usual...all my motivation gone just like that...i don't even know where,how,when and what will happen in my future ...i just hope my kids will growing up as a good person and achieve their goal...

I just want to let you all know that i'm still in motivate session with myself now...hope everything will goes just fine....^_^ Today is only the first day to start in second semester of school period but so many work waiting to be done a.s.a.p....this morning,i start my day with going to school early than usual..and by 9am am going out to PPD with HM to attend a meeting ..and tomorrow will be a lot of work to do...fuhhhh what a messy day for me..yeah,fight for a live i guess..ahakz

And also today my beloved niece,Risca Airyna Minin start her day with her new school here in Ranau..guess where?haha..of course at my school...but actually she will be study here only for two months..since her mum(my elder sis) just delivered her 2nd sister and my sis 3rd child so she will be follow her mum here because of no nanny to take care of them..pity kids..

What else i should write here today?? guess its enough to updating my blog today..just want to share my days with you guys...will be updating again okay...daaaa