Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformer-Revenge Of The Fallen> I'm Lovin' It!!

wahaa..just finish watching movie with my hubby at 1B ..Know what??we are watching our favourite box office movie today..finally it's been launced on 24th Of June 2009...both of us are waiting for the movie since the 1st transformer..
And i'm gonna says GREAT!!no regretful to buy this ticket movie..hahah come on guys,have your free time and bring your family or spouse to watch this'll gonna miss it and wanna watch it again...^_^

Thanks God today is Govt salary day,so i have an excuses from HM to go back early from school and rushing to KK pay the monthly car...(yeah,actualy it can be done through my cimbclicks but since my Fav. movie is i just take a lil' time to spent out to watch it....kekekekekeek

And i;m gonna watch it again because hubby also feel the same way...heheheheheh and after finished watching mv,we directly go back to Ranau and reach home at 11.35pm ...but before sleeping beauty,i still have time to post a blog for today...^_^