Monday, July 27, 2009


its been a long time i didn't update my blog...i should updating many thing the few days ago...but too sad i was in a middle of struggling to focus many things that related to my job and my school...just want to share with you guys...Educators is not a easy work to do and to be. Eventhough i became an educators just a beginner(coming to 4yrs to end of this year) but i can feel that it is not an easy work to handle everytime.. no wonder in my training session(3yrs) we've provided Psikologi subject every i know how hard is to be a Teacher...guys,out me..if you interested in Education,just continue it to became a's not a last choice to made but it was your destiny to became a Teacher..its fun but need hardworking n focusing work. And for me,teaching has showed me what is the true life means...

Guys,i never think that i 'll choose to enter Teaching College after finished my SPM, because i never like this profession..i mean i never put 'Teacher' as my ambition since i was in primary school. But i always dreamed to make my parents living in a complete life,meaning to say i want to provided my parents a big house, big car, travelling and buy what they want to buy... and i think whatever i do to success in life and earn more money so that my dream will come true. Then, i follow what my mum as me to do...Thanks God,This Is me today...there is no regret to follow what your parents ask you to do for your own good...believe me.

fuhh........that's all i think i can share with you guys long time didn't update the blog and did visiting my other blog friends too...May you have a nice day today...Peace ^_^