Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Condolence to Linda Nanuwil (af 2)

First of all..i wanna tell u that I'm speechless and sorry to Linda's family member to hear that once again they have to face the sudden bad news of the family...when i recall and search through .net and i found that her father,the late of Mr Nanuwil had passed away not more than 1years ..i found that he(the late) passed away on 19th of July 2008,which is mean this coming 19th of July only 1 year in memories..but sad to say because her mother had passed away today,1th of July 2009..........Oh God, help them(linda's family member)to overcome their sadness...they had lost their both beloved parents...but we know they will always RIP besides God....right pal?i'll always update Linda's news after this because i feel very sorry to her........:'((

God Bless you Linda...Amen