Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today Journal..

Shallom i am again..visiting my blog that i 'abandoned' for a long time....don't know why my writing 'spirit' is agresif writing much all these stay at home just want to reading others blogs and writing my own blog....ehehe is that means i am gettin' old at 25yrs old this yr??Goshh....*funny.

Today i went to work as d wheather is still d same..windy n cloudy,sometime i couldnt wake myself up early in the morning ..kekeke :)

And as usual, me and my friend,Eve went out to hv a breakfast at our fav chinese rest...but we r suprised with the annoying and crowded cars and people along the road in front our sch heading to KK..i don't hv an idea what is that actually,bt my friend,Eve told me that the man from Sandakan really made it backwards walking all the way from Sandakan...and me..wahhh suprising! and amazing! God bless the man who made it successfully..and b4 take our b'fast,both we took a chance to have a look at the luckiest man n snap his ...ahahaha dats for sure a funny moment for both of us..even so many car waiting to cross the road but we r so brave to stop awhile and snap his pic...and we r laughing at ourself coz we r snapping inside car and fortunately,the man so friendly smile at us and the escot r 'peace' with us..hahaha but too sad, we only did snap once before leave ..huhuhu

so for those don't know about this man and the story can have a look at this pic that i posted here...and yeah,he do it not for himself but for charity to Seri Mengasih school...