Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super Typhoon Parma hits Sabah&Sarawak??

Is that true??i receive an sms from a friend and telling that the Parma will hit Sabah started this midnight till morning and ask everyone to get ready to facing anything could happen...and guess what, i can't sleep b'coz of this latest news i receive..and plus ..before 11pm just now another friend send another news that telling a Tsunami will hit Sabah at 11pm tonite..huh??what a............. and it keep my eyes open till now..ahah,who knows right..anything can be happen,when i read back what happen in Padang,Indo..its such a sad story and of course that the reason why we have to always ready for anything could be happen in just a minute...

But anything happen have a reason,i believe God never leave us with a thousand of trouble..HE always be there whenever we need Him..

For those who have a same feeling with me right now..(cant sleep) let us together pray and trust me, miracle can be happen anywhere anytime when we believe in God..Amen.

good night pals!!see u around..