Saturday, October 17, 2009

hubby's love Just For Me...

Today we went out to take our dotter' hanging around ranau town..since she's not often been for first, we bring Eve to daddy's shop to 'hang kai' then we bring her to tke lunch at the 1 of the best chinese restaurant here in Rnu..guess what?she's so quiet n keep watching every single movement of ppl,cars etc...both us were smiled seeing her so quiet not as usual..^_^

After that,hubby bring me to have a look for a brand new hp of Sony Ericsson at her friend tele' shop..and actually this is the 2nd time he bring me to have a look the brand new Sony hp after last month...i know he is interesting on that hp and he want to buy it for me but i told him that i'm still 'trust n like' on Nokia brand..since i just bought N96 last yr before Eve's was born,so i said no need to wasted the money again..but seems hubby still cant forgot the brand new of Sony, so today when he ask me again to allow him to buy that hp, i just let him buy that for me...anyway hubby..thank u soo much coz he still want me used the same brand hp on what he is using now..but actually i am waiting hubby to buy me a new notebook even this year this is the 3rd time i bought notebook, but at least it worth coz i buy it for a reason ...yes of coz a good reason..^_^

This is the brand new hp of Sony Ericson,its ok lor...coz it was 8.1MP and i no need to bring any cmera to go anywhere coz the MP is high n the audio r seems nice to listen..but it cost:RM1450.00(after disc.)

And here are they..and i'm thinking what for using so many hp??>>wasting<< huh.....maybe i should keep them as my hp collection,coz i never and don't like to sell anything of my personal stuff especially my 1st hp before get married is my nokia 6120c, then i bought Samsung Omnia then the last i bought last year on September is nokia N96...but until now im more prefer to my n96...convienient to any situation..what i mean is.its easily to use than other hp i think...

P/s:thank u hubby for your endless love for me...i cant express how much I LOVE YOU n the way you LOVE ME..even sometime we 'talked' to each other too 'LOUD' and diffrent opinion but thank God this relationship still that strong like 7 years ago...^_^ mmuaahhh hubby...and yeah, i really touched huby went KK n bought me a new pretty dress that i never todd that he'll buy it..thnks again huby!! LOVE n THANK U again for huby's patience to took care the children at night and always cook for me....heheheheh ^_^ mmuaaaaahhhhh