Thursday, December 10, 2009

tiring weeks.............

i knew it from the starts....i'll never have enough rest during school sick of this, but life must go on...only my children can cherish up my life even taking care both them by myself is the hardest n challenging part...whatever it is, i'll always be thankful to God bcause of them,i can learn to be a better person, better mom...coz i know im not a good mother,i still need to learn many things about raising a child...and thanks to my children bcause let me realize how complete this life if they were always by my side....

talking about this tiring happen for a long time ago...but since im in my expecting period, so its gonna be a tiring weeks for me...even doctor says that expecting women needs more rest but thank God, He always give me extra energy to overcome my day by day...thanks to everyone around me who helping me so family in law, my parents n my friends...when their daddy is out station for a long day, these persons help me so muchhhh...more than what can i do alone...God bless you all!!

And i just thinking that christmas is just around the corner, but still we havent do any preparation to celebrated it..but i think the most important thing is to prepare ourself to serve God and to begin the new year soon..