Saturday, March 27, 2010

my 3rd child arrived!!!

Finally, everything's done...on 24th mac of 2010,5.48pm at Damai Specialist Centre,my Baby boy was born smooth n safe....(yeah,xtly not that smooth coz my contraction is Pheww....ww those who ever is in my condition bfore,they know how its going to be..) but i really Thank God for His mercy n guideness,my due date should be on 31st of Mac but doctor said when my 2nd last review(its on 24th d day bb born) the baby is ready when its already 4cm...Hah??!! im too suprised coz never noe that fast even this is my 3rd time to delivered a doctor suggested to admit me n a.s.a.p will delivered now or tonight!! wow, im speechless bt i do trust my doctor since he is an experience doctor , so i go out n tell my husband what had doctor said and he...speechless too coz he todd our baby not arrived this soon..^_^

after admit to maternity ward, doc start to do his his says, i'll delivered today or tonight,it was his gurantee,im happy to hear that i'll be delivered my baby NOW but a bit panic and worried as this was my 1st to delivered such a place, i mean s my two child was born in a govt hosp where i m not really satisfied coz of the service..but here in DSC,they serve u 100% totally good and 'man yi' ...ehe (^_^).back to my 'delivering process'..i thank God once again, as all the process goin fine even im too stuborn during the process..but as doc said im a bit fast to gv birth as 4pm i was admit to ward then 5.48pm baby is arrived..besides, i wanna thank u for my doctor who always check 100% routine 4 me whenever i reach DSC and all the kind n loving nurse there..once again, thank u to Dr. Joseph Lau.ur help bring my baby come back home safe n sound and also the nurses....(^_^)