Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Finally...i manage my time to post something on my blog thought it was quit long time didnt update my own u all know that im was waiting my 'day' to come anytime on this Mac, so my time is less for myself coz hv to take care of my lil' prince n princess and also their coming soon lil brother still in my tummy..(^_^)
dup dap dup dap..even it was my 3rd pregnancy, but i still feel scared n worries jz like my 1st this time i'll be delivering in Damai Specialist Centre and my due is around 2 more weeks frm now. And guess what i jz came bck frm kk to my 2nd last review,doc already ask to stay in kk these times coz d bb is ready to come out anytime,but i still came bck Ranau as i pretty sure that the time hasnt come and i need to be with my kids before i delivered soon..i never leave my kids even 1days, now i hv to ready leave them for 1weeks maybe more than thats what makes me worries now..but i know God always be with them and hopefully everything was going smooth ...
well, bb inside my tummy now r very actve and i feel that i cant stand too much longer after this..thanks God i apply my maternity leave earlier than usual as i still hv to drive alone to work now if i don't start apply my leave now mayb i cn deliverd a bb in my car..lols but bckbone is hurting now n always got contraction during these days n plus my cough is hunting me these few days..this was my 1st time get cough during counting days to realy get me sick n tired all the time..n wanna thanks to my hubby that always support n helping me on taking care d kids till midnight even he was tired frm work n not gettin' enough sleep bcoz of d kids plus hv to send me to my review evry weeks..ur help n ur love have make me feel so strong enough during these countdown moments......(^_^)
soooo...i guess this was my last post bfore i delivered safely my 3rd bb...pray 4 me pals and will try to update during my maternity leave....chaw!!