Thursday, December 24, 2009


Why my title for my post so cruel?? i know its hurt some people but i do really hurt at these times...i dont know why, but since school holiday is start i don't feel any joyful inside me...until 25th December of 2009 but we the Sim's Family are celebrating our christmas eve by gathering in here Damai Specialist Centre together with our parents...coz my dad was sick at this time, as i update at my FB, dad is vry ill now n had been stayed at wad for 3days n 2nights ..he's having very high fever, and all of us are here in KK to accompany him as this christmas day we should be in Ranau and going to church together...but whatever happen, i always thank God for His mercy n far dad still in a stabil condition even the fever is up and down..and i wanna thank God coz i able to come here together with my siblings to accompany dad with hubby permission and he is the one who took care to our kids now...thank u Lord for everything you've done to us...without YOU we all are nothing...

Hopefully tomorrow morning is the last day dad have to stay in the wad, as we all are waiting dad to come out and together go back to Ranau...but one thing that i think its very sweet and i'll keep it last forever as my we the siblings never be apart to each other even some of us have our own family to care...we always stick together nomatter how hard is the time to take..Thank u Lord! i feel gratefull to have my siblings, my parents and my caring families...when i think back when mum's first sick last June , we all are stick together and accompany mum as what we do now to dad... even my bro's n sis's is working at diffrent places, but they still can reach n stick together once our parents is having a problem...i might be so excited bout this coz its seems usual for you out there, yeah i mean a family shoud stick together whatever happen in their family right? but im so excited on it to my own big family....again, i want to thank you Lord!!(^_^)

and i also want to ask for Your forgiveness i being so cruel and badly for all these times...i do know that it is my fault for not keeping any joy in me everytime and second...i don't know what happen to 'EllY' lately..i always blamed on others for my own fault, and now i need Your forgiveness Lord, wash me from my sins and let your shines shining again in my heart just like before and praise You for my entire life....Amen.