Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!!!

time flies so fast...m dun realize that we ordy in 2010 ...........when i refresh my journey of this life began when i started work as a teacher and been posted to Shah Alam teaching on almost 5 years ordy huh...and what is my achievement all of these years past? i just can't write down too many things to mention...but personally im about goin through many kind of experience in this life since i start to work as govt servant and since im married....and i m very grateful that the day we start our day in our new year, my son oso start his year when he s 3yrs old on this 1st Jan 2010.....

And now..when we r preparing our life to faced evry things in 2010, so do i preparing for waiting my expecting baby on this Mac, 2010..(^_^) i pray n hopefully in the name of God, will guide us n protect this 3rd baby will come out safe and sound....

thats all for now, too tired to think what to write now n need to rest more now...c u all next post k..daa