Friday, November 1, 2013

02 november 2013.....

yesterday was my beloved bapa birthday.... but i didnt got chance to wrote anything abt yesterday as d whole day i was busy wt all d programme in sch....n yesterday oso the two of my prince n princess goin bck to their daddy's hometown....only d youngest binsius stay bck wt me here....missing them ordy....:'(

today is thinking to continue doin my sch work.... but i guess i need some rest today as i've been so busy and too much hard work since few weeks ordy...i feel tht i pushed too much myself on doing some works that i think i shouldnt do it alone....hrmmmm but its d way to make me feel tired and sleepy or else im goin to stay up late at nite doin nothing bt always think it is more comfortable the way i am time to think others stuff that not worth at all...even i feel suffered the way it is but thank God....i know God always b with me...i feel more closer wt God now..."less talk, write more..." it is better than talking nonsense.....coz i've experienced it b4 when i talked more,some ppl will misunderstand n judged its better write one cn complain but only me myself n i will understand what i really feel inside....thats y i decided to start my blog again after i abandoned it for a loooonnnggggg time .....:-)

so ....hv a nice day today fellas! release ur stress by enjoying listen to d music... its really heal ur soul!!! like i do .......